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How do we break away from the ordinary, the given, the status quo to look beyond the dualities of what is? How do we learn how to think critically, and how do we teach others to learn how to think critically for themselves? How can we learn how to be in solidarity, and implement liberatory processes within our classrooms, staff meetings, and daily lives, through educational dialogue and creativity? Essentially, how can we learn and teach to ask in all the tones of voices there are, “how and why do we know what we know,” in order to not be complicit in the old, oppressive structures by activating new possibilities of creative agency?

This 8-week course, Education as a Political Act: Co-Creating New Possibilities, explores the concept of critical pedagogy, created by the great educational philosopher Paulo Freire based upon his book “Pedagogy of the Oppressed,” through experiential and participatory practices of educational dialogue and the expressive arts (aesthetic education), and how to implement these philosophies daily in our work environments, classrooms, and activism. The course, utilizing the practices of a critical pedagogy, will give participants an opportunity to not only learn theory, but also participate in the act of philosophizing and experiencing through practice Freire’s teachings. To complement this process, the teachings of educational philosophers Maxine Greene, John Dewey, and bell hooks will be included. By questioning, experiencing, and reflecting upon “critical pedagogy” through educational dialogue and the expressive arts (aesthetic education), participants will develop greater understanding of self and their world, deepen self-expression, and gain the skills to implement a critical pedagogy in their educational contexts.

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