Welcome to the music intervention site! Here we will explore the methods of using the power of music  to create a pro-social effect in youth programs and how grassroots organizations are currently fostering these techniques globally.

Music or “sound” is a living force in every culture, religion, and nationalistic tradition. It can define the individual, and yet embrace the collective connection between an individual within a wider community(ies).

Music education is continually recognized in the neural sciences and in sociological studies as a beneficiary attribute to improved academic and personal achievement, heightened understanding of social interactions and conflict resolution, and actualized “risky” situations like performances in front of family and peers.

The intersection of youth empowerment, music education, and conflict transformation has yet to be fully explored on a theoretical level, though already conducted at a grassroots level internationally. Further investigation is needed to create sustainable and adaptable music intervention curriculums based on theory and practice that can mobilize youth to instill change in their communities.