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30743088_10103782437312207_1046156855375560704_nShoshana Gottesman devotes her time to the exploration and development of musical spaces as locations for youth-led conflict transformation. By combining her years of experience in the fields of music education and values-based education with her studies in peacebuilding and human rights education from Teachers College, Columbia University, Shoshana has enjoyed invaluable experiences in teaching budding musicians, teacher and facilitator preparation, program and curriculum writing, and publishing. The cross-section of critical pedagogy, music education, values-based education, education philosophy, and curriculum writing are her current exploratory spaces of play.   

Shoshana graduated from the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music in 2010 with a focus on music performance, international studies, and public relations.  Studying the violin from the age of six and transferring to the viola at the age of 21, she has studied with members of the Houston Symphony, the Bergnozi String Quartet, and the Daedalus Quartet. As well, she has participated in numerous music festivals and has enjoyed performance opportunities in the United States, Tunisia, France, Germany, and Jerusalem. Finally, she is the co-producer of the album, “The Road is Made By Walking,” which is a cooperative, international act of co-creation by educators, musicians, and artists from over six countries, including Israel, Palestine, Jordan, United States, India, and Iran.

In addition to her music career and before entering her teaching career, Shoshana gained a myriad of business and entrepreneurial skills in the nonprofit sector, both locally and internationally, by furthering interfaith relations, increasing access to music education in low-income communities, and in general, working in fundraising, project management, donor retainment, and event/conference planning. 

As an educator and teacher, Shoshana’s experiences also range from local and international contexts in formal and non-formal education. This has included teaching music at the KIPP Star Middle School in West Harlem (2012-2013), teaching and most recently, Deputy Director of the Cultures in Harmony – Atlas Music Festival for youth in Tunisia (2010, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018),  and working with music education-encounter programs Heartbeat and The Jerusalem Youth Chorus in Israel/Palestine. During her time in Heartbeat, Shoshana supervised facilitation, participated as a music teacher, wrote curriculum and programming, and organized facilitator preparation. In addition to these tasks, she co-administered and taught a Facilitation Skills-Expressive Arts Skills Course offered by The YMCA of Jerusalem and the Jerusalem Youth Chorus. Finally, she teaches private violin lessons at the Nawa Music Center in Taybieh.  


Conference Presentations:

Her resume is available upon request. 

To inquire about her work and how to bring her expertise in creativity and critical thinking in music education, values-based education, and development of youth agency to your community, please email: shoshibee@gmail.com