Expressive Arts Education Programs

There are many educational programs throughout the world that use the expressive arts in their own way to empower youth, build more inclusive societies, increase access to the arts, transform conflict, and so forth. For the most part, I have chosen to add to the list (and will continue to do so when possible) programs that also seek to teach additional concepts through transferable learning. I am not familiar with all of the programs listed below, and can only speak of the authenticity of the programs I am familiar with. The purpose of the following list is to:

  1. portray the diversity of these programs throughout the world.
  2. provide individuals who are looking to support a particular program with a comprehensive list in which to explore.

In addition, Porticus Arts has completed extensive research on the global community arts network as well: Community Arts Network Poster_Porticus CAL-FAS research

Expressive Arts Education Programs

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